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Stones Series as its name suggests it appears to be found in nature itself. The Concept of Stones Design creates synergism between the natural and the artificial landscape. Stones Collection can fit perfectly into any environment, transmitting its own particular elegance, thanks to its material, as well as its original shape.
This Product Is basically a Hand Made product. The method of creation makes this product more valuable.
Stones Collection Available in two different types of surface, which is named as below.
Stones Surface
Smooth Surface
Stones Surface appears exactly the same as the texture of stones, with very smooth waves on it. But in Smooth surface the body of the product is completely smooth.
Stones made of Perfect Materials for indoor and outdoor use. Available in different finishes and colors.

Customized Products:

Special Colors: in this type of series, you can order your product with specific colors. even you can use 2 different colors in a body of single products. 

Flag Series: Stones Flag series can order in Countries’ flags such as Brazil, UAE, Italy, France, UK and … 

Signature Series: in this type of series, each product, design and paint with the hand of a well-known Artist, and that product will be unique and the only product which is available.

Product Features:

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Teresa Sapey

Studio Teresa Sapey is an architecture and design studio based in Madrid since it was founded in 1990. The team's guiding force streams from curiosity and energy. In fact, the range of fields approached by this practice is extremely broad: It varies from spaces to displays via furniture, graphics and editorial works. Projects not only stem from feelings, but they are also capable of transmitting these same emotions to their clients and customers. "By working with spaces my aim is to be touching and therefore render emotions palpable: Three-dimensional, even four-dimensional. No matter the feelings is, as far as it is a feeling, I would go for it! I believe that architecture should interpret, build and transmit these inspiringly and usefully" 


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